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Welcome home… bet you thought we’d be slinging PCs and tablets with a site labeled Laptop Keyboard Sale! Nah – just got it cheap and I like to play tricks on people.  Actually, we can get you some pretty sweet deals on electronics but that piece of the puzzle will come later. For now, we’re concentrating on educating our new readers (and possible client base) about technology and all the fang dangle cool things out there.  It’s amazing the places you can access the internet now.  Whether you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean, on a plane 25,000 feet in the air, or from a pygmy village in the Himalayas, chances are, you have WIFI.  We can be anywhere you are, and it’s quite amazing when you think about it. Think about smartphones too!  If I woulda told someone 75 years ago that I’d be talking to a piece of glass in my hand to someone on the other side of the world, they would’ve locked me up in a straight jacket for sure! Hell, I can never be without my technology… whether I’m cutting the grass, using the bathroom, or on a date… I need to be active! Maybe it’s my ADD.

So, yes my fair readers, this site is designed to hash out all that technology brings us. It’s designed to make you think about how insane some of the tech we have is… and hopefully inspire you a bit to go out and take action. Invent something cool, do something great, be an innovator. You have ALL the means necessary! Take action now!

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